Serving negative reviewers with a positive mindset

Usually, people write negative reviews for a product or service when they are unsatisfied with the services. It can be anything that can dissatisfy a customer.

The reviews are mainly based on the value for money. And people make sure that they are purchasing a quality product. Hence, it becomes important for businesses to retain a positive status rating in the online market.

Customer relation managers basically handle the query. However, in the case of the online market, we must handle negative reviews with a positive mindset. Customers’ views need to be valued, respected, and answered positively at all times. In today’s world, all types of businesses have an online review section.

However, reviews help in increasing traffic to the website. The best way to optimise the readers is by knowing your buyer’s personas. We should encourage customers to review more. Further, all incoming reviews should be answered in a positive language frame. You can use the reviews to grow organic traffic on your website. You can plan your responses by using long-tail keywords. In addition, you also can use empathetic language to respond to customers’ negative reviews.

To get rid of negativity or serve negative reviews, you must improve your ORM which is online reputation management. There are a few ways you can serve negative reviews with a positive attitude, such as-

Stay positive: Any person who ever worked in customer service management knows how tough it is to handle customer negative reviews. The person knows how difficult it can be when a customer attacks you. Often, a negative review gets you upset. As a human being, it is your first instinct to go on the defence. You should approach all negative reviews with a positive or calm attitude. Let them know that you have heard their concerns, but never point fingers at them. In any situation, you must not make customers feel victimised. In addition, it is also not good to simply ignore the reviews. Most people prefer you respond than ignore the situation. Hence, responding with a positive comeback can make your company improve its reputation. Further, it will help to make customers feel that you care for their concerns. Moreover, by staying positive you can develop a positive relationship with customers in a negative situation.

Offer a solution: Sorry actually will not cut it; this is the case when you are answering negative reviews of a customer. A customer always wants a solution to their problem, so you cannot just offer an apology to a customer. So, when you are actually responding to a review, you must let your customer know how you are going to fix the problem. This will help to show that your company is empathetic towards their concerns. Then you can follow up with an immediate solution. Hence, it is safe to say the customer then can appreciate the time the company takes to fix the problem. The customer review provides you with a variety of user-generated content advantages. You must respond to the negative review and engage your customers to make your company successful. Further, online reputation management such as set Google alerts and Google search offers you a direct resolution to address false comments. However, you must run social media campaigns or brand campaigns to build trust among the customers. Building an online reputation through customer-guided campaigns is important. You can facebook to narrow down the audience and invite loyal customers for a different type of brand promotion.

Reiterate your company policies: You may often feel that negative reviews from customers will make your brand look bad and this is the only case you ignore the review entirely. When you answer a negative review with a positive mind, you can flip the negative to positive. Hence, you must treat this as an opportunity to repeat your company’s good qualities. For example, you can answer a customer’s negative review by saying, “We are sorry for your bad experience with us. We have been working for a long time and our customers always leave happy. We are sorry that we were not able to meet the level of your expectations”.

 In addition, you also can make them believe by saying that we are working on the issues and we make sure that it will not happen again. There are many ways to handle negative reviewers such as acknowledging misunderstandings, engaging in a meaningful debate, and admitting whenever you are wrong. However, online reputation management always helps you to detect fake reviews and to remove the reviewers. You must ensure a positive response to a negative review. You must respond politely. Moreover, you should respond to every review and comment.

Take the conversion offline: Whenever you receive a negative comment or review online, the first step you should do is to respond immediately and on the same platform. By doing this, you cannot only satisfy your reviewers, but you also can make your other customers see. However, it is also true that there are some things that cannot be fixed online. Issues that have customers’ personal information like phone numbers or addresses must be discussed over the phone or in person. By taking the conversion offline, you can make your customer see that your business has gone an extra mile to fix any customers’ issues or problems. However, this method should be used in some severe cases. You are not suggested to use this method in every case. In your response, you can give the reviewer the line to your customer service department (if your company has any customer line service) to resolve any problems that cannot be fixed online.

Approach the customer as a real person: Calling your reviewers into a customer service line and hearing a robot on the other end is the most frustrating situation for a customer. And for that reason, you must approach the customer as a real person. While responding to your customer, you must leave all the company jargon out and talk to them like real. When you use simple language and talk to them as human beings, you will sound more real and genuine. In addition, your customer can also see you as a person, not as a business. Google also has taken some measures to ensure that the business owner is not dealing with automated customer reviews. This method is known as verified customer review. And with this solution, you, the business owner, are able to come out on top. At some point throughout history, you run into negative reviews. This time you can use this solution to get out of this troll.

After all these services, you must ask for an update. You have responded to the customer’s negative review and fixed the problem, so do not hesitate to ask them for an updated review. Once you solve the customer’s problem, just politely ask them if they update the review online. Always make sure that you thank them for their valuable feedback. It is also a case that despite how stellar your business is, you cannot make everyone happy. So, a few negative reviews will not be the end of your business, so treat these reviews as an opportunity.

 Report fake reviews because it is often a part of your competitor’s plan:- Do not tolerate reviews that are not legitimate, where the review does not have a valid point. There may also be cases where the review is not just unfair but also posted from a fake account, in such cases in order to protect the company name it is better to report such cases. But before you report make sure that you have enough documentation to prove that the person has never been your customer or part of your business. Such fake reviews are not unusual but are very often a part of your unethical competitors. In such cases dealing with these tactics wisely is much better and also work on making sure that such reviews can’t disturb or affect your customer base in any way. 

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