What you can expect from SVL

Comprehensive SEO is now within your reach, In SVL you get the most well-planned technical and strategic SEO,

that is necessary for the expansion of your business.

Market Analysis

Our steps involve market research, understanding the hindrances of your target market, and understanding your competitors and their strategy. So that on-page and off-page Seo can be designed accordingly. SVL also makes sure to understand the psychology of your target audience and then plan accordingly to get you the best results.

Strong strategy building

Knowledge gained by thorough market research is then combined to devise the best strategy for making your business stand in the corporate world. SVL team create s an entire plan that involves strategies to create backlinks and technical optimization steps and everything.

Delivery of desired results

Planned strategies that deliver results that are beyond expectations. After extensive market research to understand what your target makes exactly wants from you. Our team makes sure that we deliver you excellent results of high-quality SEO

Search Engine Optimization

What makes us different?

A solid online presence is what everyone is craving in the competitive world nowadays. And one of the basic components of making a strong online presence, such that your business comes at the top of SERP is proper SEO. In SVL we value your vision of business expansion. Thus, SVL provides SEO services that not only just make your website stand out but also get you genuine customers that help in your business expansion. We Use valuable keywords for your website with less competition and more demand after extensive research. Other than these we focus on building authority, through effective backlinks, KPIs and technical optimization, etc.

All these add up to growing leads and revenue for your business in the long run and help in the overall development of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Our best SEO Services

SEO services that will make your business stand out from the crowd, increase visibility, increase engagement and

finally lead to overall business development.  



On-Page/ Off-Page SEO

With experience in serving customers from all over India we understand the value of excellent content and easy-to-use website pages. Here in on-page SEO, we make sure that your page is visually attractive and informative. Also, it is user-friendly and fast to deliver to your customers exactly what they are looking for.

Organic SEO

Here we work with keywords that have the potential to provide the opportunity for your website to rank well in the SERP. we make sure that your website is fast and attractive, has strong authority, has strong valuable backlinks, is well optimized, is well updated with every change in the search engine programming, etc.

Excellent SEO management team

Our experienced team has a strong understanding of your market through extensive research and experience. We make sure that through our technical and strategical SEO planning the website can attain and retain customers for a longer time. Our team is very user-friendly that takes into consideration your every concern and deeply looks into it.

Voice SEO

With the expansion of new features in the search engine one feature that is gaining extreme popularity is voice SEO. Hence we make sure that your online platform is appropriately optimized for voice search, mobile use, and ranking in one of the top searches. Our team makes sure that your online platform has all the needed technical features.

Website analytics

In SVL, we make sure that all the activities done for your website are timely tracked and analyzed. So that any required changes can be easily implemented, without delay. We make sure that you know exactly how much of your market is interested in your website and if they intend to return for your services again or not.

Excellent content utilization

Our team provides excellent content for your websites such as high-quality blogs, website content that can convince the customers of your services, and social media visual content that will make sure to keep them interested in your services. We understand the power of excellent content in business so we make sure that high-quality content is provided.


Most Popular Frequent Questions

SEO is not a one-day process it takes time to get the desired results. It may take from 3 to 9 months to get beneficial results from SEO. 

  1. SEO gives you more exposure in the online market
  2. SEO increases the chances of lead conversion
  3. SEO drives more Organic traffic for your website

SEO overall provides long-term benefits for the website so it is necessary for every online platform.  

More than 50% of the traffic that proves to be quality traffic for the business comes from Search engines and SEO plays a major role in attracting such traffic. 

Of course, it will, without any doubt. We provide every update that your website needs to stand out from other competitors and contribute to your revenue generation. 

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